Author Joseph Federico

Author Joseph Federico

Author Joseph Federico has over 12 years experience in the world of publishing, editing, and writing. In 2010, his book, IMAGES OF AMERICA: GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, co-authored by Matthew McHenry, was published, and put out by Arcadia Publishing (now available for Amazon Kindle and in hardcover formats).

In between researching his upcoming projects with a passion and freelance writing for international publications, Joseph Federico runs a tight ship with Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC.

Founded in 2012, Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC caters to first-time authors; the company generally focuses on SciFi and Fiction. They are veering off into Historical Nonfiction, with a concentration on local townships and destinations.

Joseph’s written contributions could be found in Darpan magazine, Suburban Trends, The WearHouse District, and occasionally,

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